Mariel Altobello

Mariel Altobello is a tango dancer and teacher. Born in Buenos Aires, Mariel has lived and danced in Brazil, Venezuela, and Chile. She graduated from the University of Buenos Aires with a degree in fine arts, specializing in costume design and teaching Spanish as a second language.

Mariel studied ballet with Mercedes Quintero (American Ballet Theater) and Virginia Hellman (Teatro Colon) she begane her tango training with Norma Gomez Tomasi and Ernesto Carmona and studied physical theater and butoh with Gustavo Collini.

As she began to focus on tango, Mariel studied with her mentors Rodolfo and Gloria Dinzel who are well regarded dancers, teachers, choreographers, theorists and researchers of tango. Today Mariel performs tango in Buenos Aires and abroad. She focuses her time dancing and teaching the tango, she is also a noted tango choreographer and has expanded her expertise to encompass dance therapy.