Kate (Boston Conservatory)

Kate is currently the artistic director and a dancer for The People Movers dance company in New York.

Kate's Experience:

I have been extremely happy with the dance training offered by the program. When I first arrived, I was a little worried since the program is not extremely structured. Classes are organized individually for each student, which is quite different from the programs offered in the States. This however has proved to be an asset to the program rather than a detriment. I have at least three classes every day; one or two in the morning and then another at night, allowing me to explore the city or rest in the afternoon.

The best part of the DanceAbroad program is the individualized attention each student receives. Before coming to Argentina, Nathan Moyer was extremely helpful and informative in creating a schedule that was personalized. Together, through e-mail and phone calls, we created exactly the dance schedule I wanted this summer. I was able to choose the styles and number of classes  I wanted to take.

The dance classes are small, and Maria “ChiChi” Diaz is able to give intelligent, personal corrections to improve technique and artistry. I have two individual classes with ChiChi each week, where I can really be focused on my technical issues in order to strengthen and improve my dancing.

Chichi, also, is an incredible teacher. It is obvious that she cares very much about each student, not only as dancers but as individuals. She is very focused on bringing out passion in each of her students, and takes the time to talk to us and understand our individual goals.

I cannot say enough about studying in another country. This has been a very eye-opening experience for me. DanceAbroad students live in international housing, so I have had the opportunity to meet students from Germany and Argentina. Through this mix of cultures, I have learned a lot about the world I live in. It has allowed me to step outside of my box and see other points of view, not only in the dance world but in general.

I must however stress that this program is for an adventurous, independent student. No one is here to hold your hand. While I have never felt like I was in any sort of danger, the program is yours to make what you want of it. The structure is personalized but quite free, and recreation is completely up to each student.

For any independent dancer interested in studying abroad, DanceAbroad Argentina is an ideal program. This program offers individualized attention in a place that allows you to stretch your creativity and views on the world around you. This is why I was attracted to the program, and this is why I came halfway across the world to dance.