Housing and Life

Buenos Aires has been the gateway to Argentina for centuries. This cosmopolitan, energetic, and seductive port city stretches along the Rio de la Plata in the north of Argentina. Argentines celebrate a rich cultural identity rooted in their European heritage. The lifestyle and architecture of Buenos Aires is noticeably more European than any other city in South America. The city has been dubbed a Paris of the 1950's. Students will experience art, music, dance, and glimpses into the bohemian life-style that has all but vanished in cities like Paris and New York. The diverse, elusive spirit of Argentina is present everywhere in Buenos Aires and throughout the country.

Recreation and Excursions
There will be plenty of time and opportunity to explore the rich resources of the city and immerse oneself in the Argentinean culture. Students will have the opportunity to attend cultural events throughout the duration of the program. In addition to exploring Buenos Aires, students will be offered excursion opportunities outside of the city to explore the vast country of Argentina and beyond.

Shopping and Nightlife
Throughout South America, Buenos Aires is famous for its shopping. Students will find extravagant malls, major shopping thoroughfares, and small boutiques. Buenos Aires is famous for its high-quality leather goods.  Designers cater to the young men's and women's market, offering fashion found nowhere else in the world.

Along with great shopping opportunities, neighborhoods around the city are filled with numerous bars and night clubs. Night-goers dance tango in dance halls known as milongas. Milongas are great places for students to socialize and to see and dance tango. Between classes, cultural events, museums, and the many activities Buenos Aires has to offer, students will never be at a loss for something to do.

Student Housing

Houses are a great option for long-stay students. Students will have the chance to live in a Spanish-speaking environment with other young travelers and Argentinians.  DanceAbroad recommends this mode of housing as a first choice for all of our students. Danceabroad has relationships with housing owners in the neighborhoods of San Telmo and  the city center. Each house has a manager to welcome and assist students.  Students will have a private room.   Housing costs for this option are included in the program price. 

Student's classes and daily activities are all within walking distance or reachable using public transportation. Buenos Aires has a good subway system and an extensive bus system. In addition, taxis are readily available so students should have no trouble getting around the city.

Living Expenses
Students will be provided with complete budget information upon acceptance to the program, so they can make informed decisions about how much money they will need based on their living and personal preferences.

Hospitals in Argentina are comparable to hospitals in the United States, and are well equipped to handle emergency situations. Hospitals and medical clinics are situated throughout the city. During orientation students will be made aware of locations of clinics and hospitals.

Buenos Aires is a great city for students who wish to study abroad. It is a city, however, and students will need to exercise a certain amount of caution. During orientation students will learn about their surroundings and what they can do to minimize the chances of encountering a problem. Students will have emergency contacts who they will be able reach for assistance with any problems they may encounter while living in Argentina. Students and parents will be provided with complete contact information in case of an emergency.

Students will need a passport to travel abroad. You can get a passport application at your local post office. It can take 4-6 weeks to receive your passport so you should do it right away!

Travel Plans and Airport Pickup
Students are responsible for making their own travel plans.  DanceAbroad will assist students with their travel plans and flight booking.  Students may also extend their stay in Argentina. In that case, DanceAbroad will help with finding accommodations.

Upon arrival at the airport in Buenos Aires, each student will be greeted by a staff member of DanceAbroad.