Since 2007 DanceAbroad has offered an intensive dance program held in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We were the first study abroad program in Buenos Aires that was designed specifically for dancers.  Today we offer excellent dance programs to provide dancers with the opportunity to study dance, learn Spanish, and to explore the rich and exciting culture of Argentina.

We believe that training the complete dancer extends well beyond technique classes.  Toward that end, each class in the DanceAbroad curriculum complements the other classes, creating a unified experience.  For instance, immediate connections fall into place between attending Spanish language classes at the University of Buenos Aires and taking dance classes in Spanish.  One informs the other.  Likewise, we couple tango history classroom sessions and historic site visits with the experiences of actually dancing tango in technique class and in the Milongas around the city.  This integration of multiple types of learning cultivates deeper understanding and absorption.   

Furthermore, entering the culture and meeting native speakers through dance reinforces language learning.  Dance offers our study abroad students a comfortable and natural way to meet and interact with native speakers, often extending beyond the classroom and studio. This expands the opportunities and learning commonly associated with study abroad.        

Through class experience, guest lecturers, instructor collaboration, and cultural exchange we strive to instill an intimate knowledge of dance, culture, art, and the connections among them.   Ultimately our students learn to make connections by themselves between lived experience and dance technique as well as between their own cultural knowledge and the changing world around them.



Intensive dance classes for dancers of all levels

Intensive dance training is the focus of all of our programs. Students enroll in 8 credits (360 contact hours) of dance classes  Our world-class dance instructors are from Argentina and around the globe.  

Spanish immersion

Our students attending the spring semester will be enrolled in a 4.0 credit (60 hours) Spanish class for college credit.  DanceAbroad students staying for a shorter period of time, participate in private or small group Spanish lessons.  Living and studying in Argentina provides the perfect environment for students to vastly improve their Spanish speaking skills.

Earn credit towards your college degree

Danceabroad offers college credit for dance and Spanish classes. College credit is awarded through Dean College.  Earning college credit will depend on the student's program choice and if the credits are approved by the student's home institution.

Excellent housing and accommodations

DanceAbroad offers excellent housing options for our students. We have different housing options for our students depending on their length of stay and housing preferences.  All of our housing is clean, comfortable, and convenient.  Dance studios and classes are reachable by walking or by using public transportation.

On-site cultural and administrative staff

In addition to our dance teachers, our program coordinators and hospitality staff is always there to assist our students.  Our staff is bilingual and is very familiar with Buenos Aires and Argentina.  Many of our staff members are native Argentinians, so students will always have the best information and guidance about what do to do and where to go.

Group events and excursions

DanceAbroad staff and students will attend cultural events and tours around the city of Buenos Aires.  In addition we offer day and overnight excursions to other destinations in Argentina and neighboring countries.  Excursions are a great way for students to experience the natural beauty of Argentina and beyond.

Cultural exploration and artistic fulfillment

Through intensive dance and Spanish study, performance, discussion, and cultural exploration, students will be challenged and artistically inspired in ways they have not experienced before. Broaden your world and develop your artistry!

What people say

DanceAbroad Argentina gave me my very first opportunity to travel outside of the United States and experience a new culture on my own. First arriving in Buenos Aires, everything seemed different- from the language, to the food and architecture. As I adjusted to this new environment, I learned many things about myself that I would have never realized without this program.

What people say

I think in order to find out who you really are, you have to get as far away from yourself as you can to take a good look. Dance Abroad Argentina gave me the chance to get away from everything in my life that I was comfortable with, and learn about myself as well as fall in love with a new culture and people. Going home will be a very hard thing to do.

Josiah Parsons (University of New Hampshire)

What people say

The DanceAbroad ballet maestra is Maria Chichi Diaz. She is an amazing teacher. Chichi not only knows what you need to do to fix problems with your technique, but can show you, as she is still in tip-top dancer shape and has impeccable technique herself. Her methods allow you to push yourself to do your best. She is not only a teacher to her students, but also a friend. I love Chichi!

What people say

In the program, we were required to take a month of Spanish class at the University of Buenos Aires. The class helped immensely, especially since the teachers spoke only Spanish throughout the course.

What people say

The best part of the DanceAbroad program is the individualized attention each student receives. Before coming to Argentina, DanceAbroad was extremely helpful and informative in creating a schedule that was personalized. Together, through e-mail and phone calls, we created exactly the dance schedule I wanted this summer. I was able to choose the styles and number of classes I wanted to take.

What people say

Airport pick up was great and so helpful to have someone to show me my house and the studios, and it was great to have Mariel to show me around a bit. Mariel is a really fantastic tango teacher, hugely passionate about the dance, so all in all I had a fantastic trip!

Isabelle Piper (Dance Student UK)

Spanish Classes

DanceAbroad places an emphasis on learning the language of Argentina.  Living and dancing in Buenos Aires provides deep and inspiring immersion in the lively Spanish language and culture of Argentina.

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Mission Statement

DanceAbroad's mission is to provide dancers with the opportunity to travel while continuing to study dance. We provide the experience of an intensive dance program and immersion in the language and culture of Argentina. DanceAbroad unites dancers and teachers so that they may share in an international dance experience.


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