College Credit

At DanceAbroad we understand how important college credit is for students and parents. For students who seek college credit, DanceAbroad's first priority is that each student secures approval of their schedule and credit hours from their home university or college BEFORE departing for the DanceAbroad program.

The number of courses and credit hours in which a student is enrolled will depend in part on the student's home university and the availability of classes that will fulfill the student's credit requirements. DanceAbroad will assist in transferring credits back to the student's home university or college.

Credit for Dance

Students attending the DanceAbroad program for the spring semester may earn a full schedule of dance credits through the National University of the Arts. (UNA)


Credit for Spanish

Students attending the DanceAbroad program for the winter intensive or the spring semester may earn Spanish credits through the University of Buenos Aires. (UBA)

Credits and transcripts for dance and Spanish classes are issued by the University of Buenos Aires and the National University for the Arts.


Independent Study

For some students independent study is an excellent option for earning college credit. Students design their independent study with their advisors at their home institution before departing for Buenos Aires. Independent study allows a student to incorporate their DanceAbroad experience into a project. We work with students and their advisors to design the project in conjunction with Spanish language study, dance classes, and cultural events. The student's home university or college determines how many credit hours to assign to the independent study.

Non-University Students

Non-university students can still earn credit through the DanceAbroad program. If a student enrolls at a college or university after they complete the DanceAbroad program, DanceAbroad will transfer the credits earned while studying in Argentina.